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Please use the payment button below to pay with PayPal; or with a Debit/Credit Card via PayPal (PayPal account not required).
Payment must be in US dollars.


Payment must be received by CVDCC/Coachella on or before March 11th, 2019 or the images will not be entered into competition!


We only receive your email address in the notification.
If you are using a different email address for payment or if someone else is paying for you, please send the payer's email address and your name to infoex@cvdcc.org.


Fees are US$9 per SECTION entered (4 or fewer images may be entered into each section).


NOTE (BLOCKED PAYMENTS): Certain countries block payments via PayPal to non-profit organizations.

In case of difficulty, please contact infoex@cvdcc.org so that other arrangements can be made.

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Please review our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.