Because of COVID-19, postal services around the world have been seriously disrupted. Some countries, for example, are not allowing any packages from outside the country. Other countries have limited service.


To avoid the prospect of packages containing medals being returned to us (or not) often after several months delay-  and  consistent with evolving PSA Exhibitions Policy -  Coachella 2020 medals will not be shipped until the situation becomes more stable. This could mean a delay of several months. We apologize for this delay, but these are extraordinary times. Yes, medals could probably be shipped to US-based medal winners and to those who reside in several other countries, but this would not be fair to those who live in countries whose postal service is not at full strength. We are all in this together.


However, on the bright side, in the meantime we are pleased to provide "medal certificates" for entrants to download and, if they wish, print locally, post on Facebook, or whatever. These are not replacements for the actual medals, but an interim recognition of achievement. The medals will eventually be sent.


Emails have been sent to all medal winners with links to the medal certificates. Please let us know if you are a medal winner who has not received this email.


Thank you for your understanding.